RGH & Associates is a multi-man sales agency that represents a synergistic group of manufacturers in the field of industrial safety.  We call on a diverse network of distributors throughout our nine state Midwest territory.  Our organization is two fold.  RGH is comprised of four outside salesmen and one inside.  We cover Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota.  RGH and our Alliance Partner, Process Marketing Group, covers Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas with four outside sales people and one inside person as well. Together or separately we can provide the coverage level you require.
Manufacturers seeking representation look to our 30 plus years of market experience.  They find a network of strategically placed sales professionals dedicated to being the best organized and most effective communicators of our Principal’s vision, products and services.  Our culture of fostering interdependent relationships between ourselves, our Principals and our distributors is the foundation to our consistent and stable sales growth year after year.

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To be the conduit that builds interdependent relationships between our customers and the principals we represent.


To exceed 30 million dollars in gross sales with no single line contributing more than 25% to our revenue plan.


  • Develop and follow a concise marketing plan for each principal
  • Utilize select distribution in marketing our product lines
  • Balance our selling time between end users and distributors
  • Develop our distributor sales network through effective sales meetings and joint end-user calls
  • Require continuing education of our sales force and develop unique product presentations
  • Understand completely the goals, objectives and capabilities of our principals
RGH & Associates is in business to satisfy the needs of our customers by providing products and services that will enhance their business and provide for the safety of their employees. Our intent is to be unique. We are committed to being the most knowledgeable, innovative, best organized and highly skilled communicators of our principal’s products and services. Our conduct has earned the trust and reliance of our customers while attracting key principals who wish to partner in our growth.

RGH & Associates are members and supporters of SEDA; Safety Equipment Distributors Association, ASSE; American Society of Safety Engineers and MANA; Manufacturer’s Agents National Association.

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Russ Haack - CPMR, QSSP
Territory: Southern Illinois and National Accounts.   Resides in Naperville, Illinois.
35 years sales experience with RGH

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Jim Richardson - CPMR
Territory: Northern Illinois, N.W. Indiana.   Resides in Huntley, Illinois.
13 years sales experience of which 9 have been with RGH

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Chris Chamberland - CPMR
Territory includes Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Northern Iowa.   Resides in Savage, Minnesota. 14 years sales experience of which 8 have been with RGH

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Robert Boyle
Territory: Wisconsin. Resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 18 years sales experience of which 3 have been with RGH

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Kevin Haack
Product Line Specialist serving all territories. Resides in Naperville, Illinois.

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